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Promotion terms and conditions for promotional campaigns – Digital Marketing:

Apple is not involved in any way with the Digital Marketing draw activities and is not official sponsor either

  • Digital Marketing has the right by law to run the draw application , as the draw app includes the following characteristics consideration , chance and prize

The campaign for withdrawals operates under the terms “terms and conditions for withdrawals”, as these terms and conditions will be subject to the policy of Digital Marketing Trading, a national individual institution referred to below with the following names: “Digital Marketing, we, we, the plural pronouns”, and where these terms and conditions are Concerning the customer’s participation in the “sweepstakes campaign” when entering the pages of our website “the site” and the application dedicated to smartphones, where they together constitute the “online platformApple is not involved in any way with the Digital Marketing draw activities and is not official sponsor eithe

Your use as a customer of the Digital Marketing electronic platform or your participation in the promotional withdrawals campaign is tantamount to accepting and agreeing to you with the terms and conditions of the withdrawal in addition to the terms of the agreement referred to on the site as a “user agreement” and this agreement is valid upon clicking the approval option. If you do not agree to these withdrawal terms and conditions or any of its terms including any modifications, you should immediately stop using the online platform and not participate in any of the promotional withdrawals campaigns

These withdrawal terms apply to all promotional campaigns issued by the company, as of the date: ——–, and we reserve the right to amend any part of these withdrawal conditions at any time without the need for prior notice or notice to become such The amendment is effective as soon as the revised terms are posted on the site. Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility as a customer to purchase from our online platform, to review these withdrawal terms permanently, as these amendments will be binding on you. Your continued use of the Digital Marketing online platform / or your participation in the promotional draws campaign is a prior approval from you to accept the withdrawal terms and conditions even after we make any modifications, and therefore this is a direct approval of the terms and conditions of the withdrawal

All promotional withdrawal campaigns are approved by the Department of Economic Development, “Indian Economic”, and they are identical to the Commercial Permits Manual (which may be modified from time to time), as the permit number will appear for each promotional campaign.
Only the owners and members of an active membership in the online platform who agree to the user agreement may participate in our withdrawal campaigns.
When a member of the platform makes a purchase via the online platform, the member will receive one free voucher to enter the draw for each commodity he purchases, within a specific withdrawal campaign.
All products purchased from our online platform and whose total purchase value exceeds AED 100, are subject to the terms of free shipping within the India.
The customer (within the India) must receive the product he has purchased and who is authorized to enter the raffle so that he can claim the prize if he wins the raffle.
For the customer to receive the product that was purchased from the electronic platform, he must provide his address to complete the process of delivering the product to him for free. “An identity or identification documents are required from the platform member when receiving the product or there is an authorization for his representative to receive the product, and the identification documents should be valid.
Free raffle tickets numbers are issued via an accurate serial system, as they are arranged sequentially according to the date of purchasing the associated products. Consequently, the members of the electronic platform cannot choose the numbers of the voucher vouchers, because the numbers of these vouchers are issued automatically upon completion of the purchase of the associated products in a sequential manner.